Philisophy Vision

Enhance development for the nation & the people of Myanmar.

For Consultants

To promote global standards and body of the knowledge for Management Consulting.

For Clients

To provide a platform for consulting & educational services for public and private organizations.

For People and Environment

To Facilitate eco-social development and benefits for rural people.

IMCM is granted full membership of overall 50 members of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI). IMCM: The Institute of Management Consultants Myanmar Co., Ltd. Is the country representative Institute of ICMCI and granted to organize Certified Management Consultant Program in Myanmar. We provide CMC: Certified Management Consultant Assessment, Educational Services for training programs in the different areas for open entry and tailor-made, HR System Development and OD, Facilitation TOT, MBA in Business Management.


Consultancy Services

IMCM provide employers of all sizes with expert, independent advice and support across a full range of services. We’re ready to put them to work for you and your specific needs.
IMCM provide platform for consultants, by gathering good individual consultants, lawyers, professors, auditors for
Government, Corporate and SMEs


CMC Assessment

CMC: Certified Management Consultant is a competency-based qualification which requires you to demonstrate sufficient, relevant and timely evidence of your competence as a management consultant. The assessment process complies with the stringent requirements of the ICMCI for the assessment and awarding of CMC status and will test your competence against a management consultancy competence framework.


Human Capital Management

To architect a global foundation of HR data and improved business processes.
To deliver a robust set of human resources functionality that enables you to increase productivity, accelerate business performance, and lower your cost of ownership.


Special Programs

Awareness the value of consulting services complied with codes & ethics of ICMCI
Government: To corporate with government institutions for the awareness of the value of ICMCI
NGO: To educate NGOs


     The initials CMC following a consultat’s name, it means that he or she is a Certifed Management Consultant and has met strict certification requirements of the Institute of  Management Consultants in his or her country.
    The initials mean the consultant has met world class standards of competence, ethics and independence, and is eligible for reciprocity between ICMCI member institutes
    This required standard include; Experience, Education, Time spent and Independence

cmc    The CMC qualification rigorously assesses candidates meet the ICMCI standard in respect of:
    Knowledge: Of business, organisation, functional specialism, market sector and national economy and culture.
    Skills: interpersonal, process and analytical(including practicality and a sense of proportion)
    Competence: demonstration in client assignments of competence in operating a complete consulting process and appropriate behaviour
    Trustworthiness: adherence to a defined code of conduct and professional ethics and an understanding of the implications.

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If you require any further information on our courses and services, please do not hesitate to contact through by our office phone number +95-1-256425, 248237, 387066.


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