Welcome to IMCM

IMCM: Institute of Management Consultants Myanmar is granted full membership of overall 50 members of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI). IMCM: The Institute of Management Consultants Myanmar Co., Ltd. is the country representative Institute­ of ICMCI and granted to organize Certified Management Consultant Program in Myanmar. We provide CMC: Certified Management Consultant Assessment, Educational Services for training programs in the different areas for open entry and tailor-made, process consultation for HR System Development and OD, Facilitation TOT and MBA in Business Management.


Enhance development for the nation & the people of Myanmar.

Building a professional platform for consultants and clients to help develop Myanmar economy(in the context of AEC 2015)

For Consultants:

  • To promote global standards and body of the knowledge for Management Consulting
  • To develop as a prestigious consulting orgazization for business in Myanmar
  • To share knowledge and technical know-how and actively support changes to a sustainable economy

For Clients:
To provide a platform for consulting services for public and private organizations

For People and Environment:
To facilitate eco-social development and benefits for rural people